Your personal, human, always on professional development coach.

Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone loved their job?

If they bounced out of bed every morning, eager to get started?

We think it would be, which is why we created Sayge: to transform people's lives by empowering and inspiring them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Our story


Work challenges are myriad and almost everyone has them. Maybe you've just become a manager for the first time, or a new parent who suddenly has much more 'life' in their 'work/life' balance. Perhaps you want to be the leader you know you can become, or get the recognition you know you deserve. Whatever it may be, if you think it could be better, you're probably right.

In our quest to overcome our work challenges, we found coaching to be such a transformative experience that we thought (and still think) that almost everyone would benefit from it. However, we found the whole experience of finding and working with a coach much more difficult than it needed to be. And we wondered why most companies offered coaching only to their executives (if at all).

That's when the idea for Sayge was born. We've set out to demystify and democratize professional development coaching. To make it as easy and – yes – as fun as possible. And to make it available to as many people as we can. All so that we can help more people bounce out of bed every morning, eager to get to work.


Four ways we’re disrupting coaching


At Sayge, we believe that four challenges need to be tackled to accomplish our mission of bringing coaching to the world. Those are:


1. New understanding. Clearly explain what coaching is (and is not) and how it makes a real difference to people’s engagement, happiness and productivity.

2. Bespoke matching. Recognize the unique importance of matching each individual to the right coach for them.

3. Easy accessibility.
Make coaching accessible (and affordable) for the majority, not the minority.

4. People-centricity.
Fit coaching around people’s lives (not the other way around).

This mission drives everything we do, every single day.


Who we are


CEO & Co-Founder

Jamie spent over 13 years at agencies including Ogilvy, LBi and Deep Focus, leading relationships with some of the world's most iconic brands and companies, including IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Nestlé.

In 2016, he decided to take a leap into the great entrepreneurial unknown, with not much of a plan but a passion to help as many people as possible truly enjoy what they do for a living.

When he's not working, Jamie enjoys drinking beer with friends, reading novels, and working his way through his marathon running training plan.


Chief Coaching Officer & Co-Founder

Katie has a decade plus-long career working across entertainment, advertising, marketing strategy and innovation consulting. She’s helped transform a range of businesses and brands by working directly with senior-executives at some of the largest Fortune-500 companies through to disruptive start-ups.

It’s this background, plus working with her own coach, that led Katie to gain her coaching certification. She helps leaders, new managers, and team members uncover their own insights, see opportunity, and discover answers to pressing challenges.