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Meet our coaches:

Amy engages clients in a process of discovery and exploration by diving deep to identify values so you know how you want to ‘be’ and then, from that place of knowing, what you want to ‘do.’ Her clients like to say that coaching with Amy is a wake-up call to get up and get moving in their personal and professional lives. 

Amy Warshawsky

Barrhonda is a continuous learner for the sake of deepening her contribution to the development of her clients. Barrhonda's aim is to be in service to others through transformational coaching and she has an innate passion for helping others to realize the limitless flame of potential that sparks within. Barrhonda's theoretical platform as a coach incorporates cognitive behavioral theory, positive psychology and self-discrepancy theory. Barrhonda's goal as a coach is to broaden perspectives, upgrade strengths and prepare clients for their proud moments. 

Barrhonda White

Blair is an ICF certified Executive, Career and Life Coach and Chartered Professional in Human Resources who specializes in working with new workforce leaders, mid-level managers and rising stars. Along with having an educational background in finance, my corporate experience in HR is something many Coachees find invaluable. Blair takes a whole-person approach to coaching and focusing on customizing every session to meet client needs. He will be your biggest champion and co-create meaningful actions to elevate your career and personal life.

Blair Stark

Cara Power is a Certified Leadership, Career & Professional Development Coach whose disciplined, high-energy approach facilitates partnerships with aspiring, newly-transitioned, and existing leaders. Her career spans two decades and includes corporate, legal, and non-profit. In the coaching domain, Cara specializes in Leadership Presence, Personal Branding, Communicating Value Proposition, Goal Achieving, Team Collaboration, and Career Advancement—topics on which she is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and facilitator.

Cara Power

Caroline helps her clients leverage their natural strengths, navigate complex challenges and overcome their fears to become confident, authentic leaders. Caroline is a passionate advocate and ally for professionals who want to excel in their careers AND live their lives to the fullest.

Caroline Kim Oh

Christine is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and supports smart, motivated managers and leaders who want to maximize their potential and create positive impact, individually and within their teams and organizations. A seasoned advertising executive with 18+ years of in-the-trenches corporate experience, Christine understands that fundamentally, employees thrive when they have a clear sense of purpose, are connected to their work, team and culture, and have access to tangible growth and development opportunities.

Christine O'Neill

Christina partners with her clients to uncover hidden potential, new ideas, personal strengths and work to overcome challenges, working in a collaborative way to tap into their own wisdom and create awareness around a particular subject or challenge. A great deal of Christina's work focuses on issues related to executive presence, setting boundaries, work/life balance, time management, personal branding and leading with compassion.

Christina Swartz

Christina is passionate about empowering others to create the life and legacy they want! Christina is authentic, direct, fun, and challenging yet supportive. She energizes others to be daring and to challenge their limitations and mindset.

Christina Unrein

Corey's mission is to foster healthy company cultures by bringing out the best in each individual, and he helps others live up to their potential while realizing deep satisfaction at work. Corey specializes in partnering with his clients to develop a structured action plan to achieve their goals.

Corey Stanford

Passionate about coaching, leading and super-charging strategy and process, Danessa consistently enables clients to deliver high-impact change with material, observable improvement. By empowering people to bring authenticity, life and energy to today’s swirling corporate environments, Danessa supports individuals and teams as they define a path forward.

Danessa Knaupp

Francesca brings her passion for people to everything she does, and her work spans a broad spectrum of industries in the private and public sectors. Francesca has worked globally across the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Central Europe given her a deep understanding of working across cultures. She especially enjoys working with female leaders and emerging leaders to help them discover their leadership voice, identify their strengths and unlock their full potential. 

Francesca Molinaro

Friderike is a successful serial intra- and entrepreneur, having built several businesses in travel, IT and communications. She now enjoys applying her professional experience to leadership development and professional performance improvement as a consultant, facilitator and coach. She brings extensive international management expertise, a genuine appreciation for diversity of perspective, curiosity around culture and the power of words, positive psychology, a pragmatic, people-focused approach, and flexibility to each new client engagement.

Friderike Butler

Gay-Lynn works with emerging leaders, technical experts and rising executives to help them strengthen their leadership, presence and communications so they can be influential in their organizations. Gay-Lynn’s approach to coaching is a culmination of 30 years developing all manner of written and spoken communications and helping people engage their teams in business goals. 

Gay-Lynn Carpenter

Holly is a leadership and management coach who works with executives, managers and boards who are looking to operate more effectively and efficiently and pursue strategies that are more aligned with the impact they want to have in their lives and communities. Holly holds a Masters in Public Administration from NYU, a B.A. in English from Oberlin College, and a certification in Executive-level Management from the Columbia University School of Business.

Holly Thompson

Jackie is the “Retrain Your Brain” expert. From the way we think, to how we interact with others, to how we communicate who we are, and how we manage conflict, present our ideas, take risks – all begin with our brain’s wiring. Applying neuroscience to her coaching and training, Jackie helps her clients challenge their old beliefs, outdated habits and antiquated ways of thinking and communicating.

Jackie Kellso

Jan is focused on helping her clients envision and create their most fulfilling lives, including work they love. Jan guides clients to set their intentions and reach their goals in the areas of leadership, management, professional development, and work/life balance. Her particular expertise lies in helping new and rising managers find their footing, identify their strengths, and develop their most effective leadership style.

Jan Brown

Jennifer’s coaching creates curiosity, creativity and fun that enable improved performance through changes in awareness, perspective, beliefs, actions and emotions. She helps high-performing individuals find the inspiration and clarity needed to achieve meaningful personal growth. Her specialties include maximizing leadership and personal effectiveness, leveraging strengths, increasing resilience, becoming comfortable with conflict, decreasing stress through mindfulness, and work/life balance. 

Jen Davis

Jen brings a wealth of professional and life experience and skills to the party, including facilitation, human resources, training and development, and a well-developed sense of fun. She believes that when a client speaks their dreams or intentions or truths out loud – to themselves or, better yet, to someone else – they can move themselves forward. She helps clients clarify what’s important to them, choose what to say yes or no to, and create the career and life that works best for them. 

Jen Schenkel

Julie focuses her practice on personal growth and professional excellence. When things get in the way, Julie creates the non-judgement space (and tools) for clients to dig-in, expand their awareness, and remove the blinders. That’s when true change transpires. Clients get powerful, measurable, and oftentimes unexpected results. Prior to coaching, Julie spent 14 years as a marketer in both the corporate and agency settings. She earned her B.B.A. in Marketing from Northwood University and received her MBA at Loyola Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business.

Julie Breckenfelder

Karen is an Executive Coach with a unique blend of skills gained from working with a diverse global client base (start-ups, large organisations, business owners, community groups, etc). Karen works one-to-one with clients and facilitates leadership programmes, plus she also mentors trainee coaches on ICF Accredited programmes.

Karen Hayes

Kelly has spent her career helping organizations and individuals kick-butt and become better versions of themselves. Coaching, training, recruiting – you name it, she’s done it, and in a variety of industries. Be it supporting new managers in their journeys from uncertain supervisors to rock star bosses, helping lost newbies zero in on what they want from their careers or enabling leaders to be more self-aware in their management styles and more skillfully interact with those around them, she’s done it all.

Kelly Poulson

Laura's superpower is helping high-achieving professionals find their X-ray vision: to see what's not apparent to them (and maybe even others), so that they can clear it out of their way and achieve all of their goals and dreams. Her dynamic coaching approach gets to the core of how we “show up” in the world based on a combination of past experiences, current beliefs, and the filters we use to see the world around us. 

Laura Honeycutt

Marcy brings over 20 years of experience as a senior executive, management consultant, facilitator, and leadership coach. Marcy has a wide-range of experience in highly strategic line management roles, holding executive and officer level positions at both Sallie Mae and Capital One. In her corporate capacity, she led strategy, product development and marketing of groundbreaking businesses. Marcy’s primary work focuses on relentless prioritization, developing strong leaders, building relationships, facilitation, and coaching.

Marcy Schwab

Miranda's speciality as a coach is helping her clients get out of their own way, so they can be their truest, most fulfilled and most empowered selves. As a leadership coach, Miranda works with a diverse set of clients: mid-level managers, startup founders, nonprofit leaders, small business owners and even Olympic athletes. 

Miranda Holder

Natalie’s first career was as a senior Human Resources professional, giving her a unique perspective on and understanding of the business environment and the frustrations created in today’s work cultures. Natalie brings the perspective of getting outside comfort zones to the coaching experience, believing that anything is possible with perseverance, planning and passion. Her coaching style is founded on the idea of meeting people where they are, getting to the heart of where they want to go and who they want to become along the way.

Natalie Bybee

Paula believes that we are all whole people, balancing many roles as we strive to live a fulfilling life. Her philosophy is “We spend too much of our lives at work to be stressed and unfulfilled. My job is to help you find the success that you deserve – however you define it.” Her clients find her warm, quick to “get” them, and tough when needed.

Paula McLeod

Peter believes in unleashing human potential through awareness and practice. He loves to help people discover and act on their values, meaningfully connect with others, and find enjoyment in their work and lives.

Peter Callahan

Phoebe spent nearly a decade at Google where, in addition to her core sales roles, she coached and mentored colleagues and delivered training for teams and other Google managers. In her quest to find work that doesn't feel like work (in the life-taking vs. life-giving sense), she discovered that coaching, teaching, and writing gives her energy rather than using it up.

Phoebe Vaughan

Rachel works with clients to break out of their vision of the ‘perfect career’, especially working with new moms and dads to rebuild their lives and careers based on the things that are important to them after the priority-shifting milestone of becoming a parent. She works through a unique process by helping clients re-discover their confidence, work through obstacles that block them from achieving their goals, create clear communication with colleagues, and create an action plan to assure support from family, friends and employers.

Rachel Garrett

Susan works with her clients to help spot hidden opportunities, recognize blindspots and connect the dots to accelerate their professional and personal growth. Susan believes that today’s employees need more than a skill assessment and self-awareness to navigate tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why she works with individuals to develop their adaptive thinking and social intelligence to grow and thrive, while using her real-world experiences to help clients navigate their organizations and careers. 

Susan Golden

Prior to establishing her coaching practice, Terry spent 30+ years at two of the largest financial services firms in NA, and several firms in the publishing and conference field. Terry was part of the Senior Leadership Teams in the businesses and regularly advised and partnered with senior leadership to support business objectives. As a coach, Terry brings those skills into her work to help Coachees better understand their skills, strengths, and passions. Terry has a BA in Economics from The College of William & Mary, and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Terry McDougall

Todd enjoyed a distinguished career in the U.S. Intelligence Community, ultimately serving as Commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence and as an Executive Director & National Security Strategist with CACI and Hewlett-Packard respectively. When BETTER is the imperative, Todd brings deep, meaningful leadership and management experience to a passionate coaching relationship that supports aspirational leaders, teams and individual contributors in pursuit of their highest potential. 

Todd Ross

Traci enjoyed a distinguished career in the United States Navy serving in various key leadership positions for the United States Naval Academy, President, Board of Inspection and Survey, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Office of Naval Intelligence, and the United States Army War College. As a coach, Traci brings meaningful leadership and human resource management experience to a passionate coaching relationship that supports aspirational leaders, teams, and individual contributors in pursuit of their highest potential.

Traci Ross

As a Certified Professional Coach and Public Speaker, Benny has served over 500 clients, and reached over 30K+ people through speaking, coaching, and training. Benny has witnessed many people reach their full potential in life and within their careers by helping identify and assess challenges, and develop action plans. He has an educational background in Organizational Leadership and coach training from Neighborworks, Central College of New Mexico, and most notably from The Coaching Training Institute (CTI).

Benny Salas

With nearly fifteen years of professional experience in world-renowned organizations in multi-lingual settings, Vanessa works with Coachees to bring about increased business results, leadership skills, professional development and well-being. Vanessa’s passion in her work is to help Coachees accomplish goals they have set for themselves, as she helps them become more self-aware of the behaviors and beliefs’ systems that may be getting in their way and preventing them from being at their best and from having the highest impact.

Vanessa Defournier

Charlie helps Coachees at all levels clarify their goals, identify opportunities and achieve the success they envision. He combines 17 years’ experience as a certified coach with many years as a corporate executive with functional experience in operations, sales, corporate accounting, human resources and many senior leadership roles with P&L responsibility. He helps Coachees achieve excellence in a wide variety of growth opportunities including evolving to a larger responsibility, addressing communication challenges and transitioning  into leadership.

Charlie Martin

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