We passionately believe that almost everyone would benefit from coaching, if only they were able to experience it for themselves. Historically, there have been a number of obstacles that have stopped people pursuing coaching, which we’ve set out to dismantle one by one:

Problem 1: (Lack of) Awareness & Understanding.

Although most people have career challenges they’d like help with, they don’t know who to go to to help them solve those challenges. They often don’t trust their manager to be objective and/or sympathetic, nor do they always feel comfortable being entirely open with HR because – ultimately – HR is working for the employer, not the employee. This leaves family and friends who, while sympathetic, usually lack the experience and expertise to be able to offer trustworthy, actionable counsel.

The Sayge Solution: We’re evangelical about the power of coaching to change people’s lives and have made it our mission to demystify and democratize it so that as many people benefit from it as possible.

Problem 2: Affordability. Coaching is often seen as an expensive luxury that’s beyond the reach of those who don’t have a C in their job title. Whether it’s an individual looking for a coach, or an employer looking to offer coaching to their people, coaching has (often justifiably) been perceived as unattainable.

The Sayge Solution: By taking much of the hard work out of establishing a coach-client relationship, we’re able to offer first class coaching at unparalleled prices. We also offer three subscription plans, so that you can pick the plan that’s right for you and your budget.

Problem 3: Finding the right coach.

The coach-client relationship is, by its very nature, a close one. You need to be able to trust your coach and be completely honest and open with them if you are to reap all the benefits of coaching. Until now, finding a coach has been a bit like going on a blind date – difficult to set up and completely unpredictable.

The Sayge Solution:

We’ve built up a roster of world class professional development coaches, each of whom is eminently well-qualified, and each of whom is a unique individual with different strengths and styles. When you sign up to Sayge, we’ll ask you to complete a brief questionnaire so that we can get a good sense of who you are and what you’re looking for. We then take great care to match your profile to the coach that seems best suited to you and your own individual needs.

Problem 4: Convenience and ease.

All too often, the way that coaching happens can feel outdated – you get to talk to your coach at a set time, in a set way, at a set price. It can feel like the coaching is happening on your coach’s terms, not yours.

The Sayge Solution:

We aim to offer flexible scheduling for all live coaching sessions and, knowing that questions and thoughts come up all the time, enable you to message your coach at any time, so that you know you can always call on them if and when you need to.